Where Joe Burrow Gets His Suits

You've probably seen this photo of Joe Burrow's debut look going viral on social media... and for good reason. He looked crisp, smooth and in control. Joe's working with us at Hellman Retail Group so on game day, when he’s not wearing his Bengal stripes, he looks like the calm and confident team captain he is.

Joe Burrow In Suit Chuck Hellman Hellman Retail Group
Joe made several visits to Hellman Retail Group’s downtown store, Hellman Clothiers, to go through the fitting and accessorizing process. He worked alongside his Hellman teammates to come up with the total package — great suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, lapel flower, the whole nine yards. Joe made all the final choices. (You know he’s known for his quick decision-making). And he and Hellman made sure everything fit just right.
Joe Burrow Suit
Joe is a leader, plain and simple. On and off the field. And he looks like it, whether he’s on a long touchdown drive, walking into the stadium or meeting the press afterward. And speaking of press, he got a lot of positive compliments for that look. He’s just a guy you want to watch. He’s got it.

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